Five foam-rolling exercises that may help relieve muscle tightness and pain – The Irish Times

This summer parents are looking for tips, advice and information on how to help their children thrive during the holiday months. You can read all about it at Like many people working from home during the pandemic, Veronika Javor swapped a supportive desk chair in her office for a soft sofa chair in her … Read more

California wildfire 10 miles south of Oregon border deemed ‘very dangerous’ by officials

Wildfires in California near the Oregon border and in Montana exploded in size overnight amid windy, hot conditions and were quickly encroaching on neighborhoods, forcing evacuation orders for over 100 homes Saturday, while an Idaho blaze was spreading. In California’s Klamath National Forest, the fast-moving McKinney fire, which started Friday, went from charring just over … Read more

An alternative superconducting qubit achieves high performance for quantum computing

SEM image of the two-qubit fluxonium processor. Credit: Bao et al. Quantum computers, devices that exploit quantum phenomena to perform computations, could eventually help tackle complex computational problems faster and more efficiently than classical computers. These devices are commonly based on basic units of information known as quantum bits, or qubits. Researchers at Alibaba Quantum … Read more

Why a health-food movement is spreading across India

A professional food photographer from Mumbai, Pawan Manglani knew how to eat healthy but, during the stressful months of the first lockdown, he stopped taking care of himself. Processed food, desserts, alcohol and aerated drinks entered his diet and continued well beyond the pandemic. Manglani, 36, could see the changes in his body and stamina. … Read more

Floods strike new blow in place that has known hardship

JACKSON, Ky. (AP) — Evelyn Smith lost everything in the floods that devastated eastern Kentucky, saving only her grandson’s muddy tricycle. But she’s not planning to leave the mountains that have been her home for 50 years. Like many families in this dense, forested region of hills, deep valleys and meandering streams, Smith’s roots run … Read more

Suns’ Cam Johnson hears trade rumors, focused on offseason growth

PHOENIX — Cam Johnson is better than most of us. The Phoenix Suns wing does not have a Twitter. That, however, does not preclude him from hearing his name in trade rumors. He said exactly that from his CJ23 Invitational 3-on-3 Tournament at Ability 360 in Phoenix. Johnson, in fact, was at his alma mater … Read more