Lawyer To Pay Activision For Not Playing Call Of Duty

Uh, say what now?Image: : Infinity Ward A lawsuit against Activision Blizzard was dismissed last month because, according to a judge in the Southern California District Court where the complaint was brought, the plaintiffs didn’t play enough Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to make an informed case against the maligned publisher. For eleven in Activision … Read more

Halo 2’s ‘Impossible’ $20,000 Challenge Finally Conquered

Screenshots: : Bungie / IGDB They said it was impossible and, for nearly two decades, that seemed to be the case. But last night, a streamer named Jervalin beat Halo 2‘s “LASO deathless” challenge, earning a cool $20,000 in the process. Talk about finishing the fight. Let’s rewind. Earlier this summer, the YouTuber Charles “Cr1tikal” … Read more

What Happened To B12 And The Cat?

Screenshots: : Annapurna / Kotaku Stray, a post-apocalyptic adventure game about a cat, is mostly excellent. Two of us at Kotaku recently powered through its puzzlesdevouring it dense, mysteriously post-apocalyptic environments and generally enjoying living out the power-fantasy of role-playing a cat. Then we hit the credits. Obviously, we had to talk. Ari Notices: John, … Read more

The Nintendo Switch Features Most People Forget About

Photo: : Nintendo The PlayStation 5’s Accolades feature has allowed users to offer awards to fellow players in multiplayer games, the idea being it’d help foment kindness and camaraderie in the gaming community. But Sony formally retired it from PS5 this week for one reason: No one used it. Most people (hi) didn’t even seem … Read more

Xenoblade 3 Is Already Winning Me Over

Screenshots: : Nintendo I’ve been looking forward to Monolith Soft’s next game since the last one ended in 2017, although not without my fair share of reservations. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was a meandering JRPG with a hodgepodge of systems and extremely uneven storytelling. As much as I love the series, I was worried Xenoblade Chronicles … Read more

10 Things Every GTA Online Fan Trying The New Update Should Do

Image: : Rockstar Games With the new Grand Theft Auto Online update released last week, the game has become easier after Rockstar added more ways to make money that don’t involve ripping your hair out and putting up with annoying trolls. But a big update like this for an already massive game can be very … Read more

The Analogue Pocket Just Got Its Long-Awaited Jailbreak

Image: : Analog / Kotaku / Se_vector (Shutterstock) Analogue Co.’s Pocket has always turned heads: first for being the most authentic-seeming Game Boy replacement ever announcedthen for taking an extraordinary length of time to finally come out. But come out it did, and it was pretty good. For some, its biggest drawback was that it … Read more

New Octopath Traveler RPG Is Better Than The Switch Original

Image: : Square Enix Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, newly available on mobile, is a worthy sequel to the original 2018 Switch role-playing game. I had expected a watered-down combat system and a menu hell like many other gacha games on mobile devices. Square Enix proved me wrong. Champions retains the visuals and music … Read more

Nier Automata Secret Door Hunt Ends In The Wildest Possible Way

Gif: : Square Enix / Sadfutago It all started with a question: “How do you get into the church?” The answer, it turns out, is simple: You don’t—at least not yet. Yes, Nier: Automata‘s baffling secret door was all just an intricate mod. If you haven’t been following along, Nier: Automata‘s secret door had all … Read more

Sega Please Release The Yakuza Kenzan Spin-Offs In English

Screenshots: : saw In 2022 Yakuza is a pretty big series in the West, as we saw yesterday when eight games made it to PlayStation Plus. But it wasn’t always this way! Between the release of Yakuza 2 and 3 things were looking incredibly dicey for English-speakers, and there were real fears that if Yakuza … Read more