Roaring labor market puts ‘boomflation’ back on the map for investors

The worry instead turned to what a rip-roaring labor market and surging costs for everything means for stocks and bond portfolios, particularly if it turns into a mix of higher growth and inflation with staying power. What to even call such a scenario? “Boomflation,” said Kent Engelke, chief economic strategist at Capitol Securities Management, pointing … Read more

Venture capital: How badly will The Big Chill hit NZ?

The investors who fund startups are pulling in their heads in the US and Australia, and slashing the value of their existing holdings amid rising interest rates, recession fears and a dive in tech stocks on public markets. Industry players say New Zealand might not get hit so hard, however, given that investors here have … Read more

JP Morgan quant who called summer rebound in stocks says rally could continue even if corporate profits decline

Investors worried about the next pullback for stocks might want to pause and consider this: the decline in equity valuations since the start of the year has already exceeded the average pullback of other recessionary periods since the early 1990s, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.’ s equity as much as Marko Kolanovic. While more … Read more

In redefining recession, Dems turn to fuzzy math and governing by gaslighting

The term “fuzzy math” was first introduced during the 2000 presidential campaign by Republican nominee George W. Bush. He used it to describe Democratic nominee Al Gore’s criticism of Bush’s economic proposals as they pertained to tax cuts and how to spend a budget surplus. Fast forward to 2022 and fuzzy math has been reintroduced … Read more

Opinion: Big Tech shows its good to be big, as growth slowdown leads to stock gains while smaller rivals find only pain

After super charged, double-digital growth during the pandemic, the results from the five biggest US tech giants this week showed a slowdown as they grapple with inflation, looming recession and an overall slowing economy, but they were largely rewarded by Wall Street because their size shows their strength. During the last week, all of Big … Read more

Opinion: Is Mark Zuckerberg taking the first step towards turning Facebook into Yahoo 2.0?

Yahoo was once the most popular website on the planet, the only place that everyone on the internet seemed to touch at least once an online session. After an ignominious slide, however, Yahoo is just another site that has some fans in certain parts of Asia and offers some niche products. Has Mark Zuckerberg launched … Read more