Venture capital: How badly will The Big Chill hit NZ?

The investors who fund startups are pulling in their heads in the US and Australia, and slashing the value of their existing holdings amid rising interest rates, recession fears and a dive in tech stocks on public markets. Industry players say New Zealand might not get hit so hard, however, given that investors here have … Read more

Opinion: Bear market blues: How to keep a sense of financial control in uncertain times.

Between pandemic lockdowns, health scares, contentious politics and significant inflation with rising prices, many US investors might feel they’re losing control of their situations. Add to that a bear market for stocks, with a possible recession looming. To remain resilient, we can focus on caring for our physical, mental and financial wellness — and that … Read more

HKD, AMTD, WTF? The stock you haven’t heard of that’s up 30,000% in 2 weeks

Contents AMTD Digital (HKD): What do they do? The Rise of AMTD Digital Stock Summarizing AMTD Digital (HKD)’s Mysterious Run We’re going to establish the number one most important thing right out of the gate, before we get into this situation: This is about as high risk as stocks get. This stock just IPO’d, is … Read more

Whatever you’re feeling now about stocks is normal bear-market grief — and the worst is yet to come

Stock investors have a lot more grieving to do before the bear market breathes its last. According to the five stages of bear market grief, which I addressed in mid-May, we’re currently at stage three. That leaves stages four and five to suffer through; unfortunately, these are the most painful. To summarize, the five stages … Read more